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One-on-One Tutoring for High School & University Students

An experienced tutor is here to help you excel in IB, attain Excellences in your NCEA achievement standards and A*s in Cambridge exams. University students & candidates wanting to sit for competitive exams (entry tests for Army, Navy, Police or Fire force) are most welcome to join.

Tutorials are being offered for a number of various courses and subjects that cater to the varying needs of students of Cambridge, NCEA, IB or University. Techniques that you will learn will definitely help you overcome the difficulties and give you the confidence to do well at these tests.

Feel more comfortable and confident in class. Give yourself more future opportunities.

Work with the best!


Providing college and high school students with great learning opportunities of being able to study with Shah! Offering both one on one, as well as a number of group tutorial options.  
All you have to do is give Shah a call or email & discuss what options would suit you best. From then on, it's all on us to help you excel at anything and everything you need.

Catering for:
NCEA, Cambridge, IB, University­, SAT, GMAT, GRE, Years 9-13, Aptitude tests for recruitmen­t in NZ careers.





Contact us today for more details about the services we offer!

I am in the process of studying for the NZ Defence Force aptitude tests, so the high school maths revision was quite daunting for me, as high school was a while ago! :) Shah has a very personal approach and makes you feel comfortable straight away, making the learning process fun, using concepts or examples that you can relate to. He has been very flexible and understanding of my situation and has tailored our sessions to focus on my requirements. Highly recommend this tutor!

Olya (NZ Defence Force)


When you're in need of a dependable Tutoring Service, don’t hesitate. Contact Shah now!

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